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I have 3 years of sales experience with Toyota, 1 at Toyota Scion of Des Moines. The best part of my job is knowing my customers are leaving in a great product. To my current customers, keep saying “Hi” when you are in for service. I really enjoy keeping in touch…

Did you know Toyota is the best-selling retail brand in America? Not only that, but Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA) announced in January that the company’s assembly plants produced 1,456,887 of its 1.76 million vehicles sold in America in 2010. Toyota is focusing on fuel efficiency, value, quality and safety more than ever.

I have 2 Toyotas of my own and my family has owned several with a quarter million miles plus. My 1990 Celica is almost there 245,000(ish) miles and clicking away. Currently, 3 of my 4 parents and my brother and sister all own Toyotas as their daily drivers. I also have a 2007 Tundra that I love, what a wonderful drive and ride. It makes me wonder why the other brand’s trucks I have driven over the years don’t offer the same. My wonderful wife, Alicia, and the boys, Lincoln(4) and Hayden(21 months), and I often haul the Burley trailer and bicycles to the trail in it from our home in “Old” Waukee. It has also done its share of towing and hauling. I have not “abused” mine considerably, but my Dad’s 2007 Tundra is his daily “farm” truck and it gets a great workout. It gets used to haul bulk seed and chemical in the bed (you farmers know that is a load) and has pulled 300 bushels of soybeans (21,000 pounds) in a gravity wagon and pulled tractors out of the mud among its normal use. Caution: 10,000 pounds is about all one would want to pull at highway speeds! He claims it is the BEST TRUCK he has ever owned. Check this Tundra Deconstructed video out to see how your new Tundra will hold up to abuse and still offer a great driving experience:

Thanks for checking out my first blog post!

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