John Lillig

This is my first post on our new blog section for Toyota of Des Moines.  I am not usually short on words, but for some reason this is a bit of a struggle.  I guess if you are reading this you may be wondering what kind of person or interests I have outside of work.  I have always put a lot of effort and time into my career, probably from spending my youth on a farm.  Always something to do on a farm, never run out of work it seems.  So, if I was not hard at work my dad would usually think of something for me and/or my brothers to do.  I learned to stay busy, because the work I did I enjoyed vs the work dad would have us do.  It seems like we were always fixing something, and I would listen to my dad give his unbiased opinions (i.e. profanity) at whoever designed or engineered the equipment that we were repairing.  It was instilled into me that if you are going to do something, do it right the first time, and not a half-hearted attempt just to finish or complete the task. 

As a sales professional, I apply that to what I do with my customers to ensure they get the car they want, or need, and suggest options or ideas that I think would be of help to them.   At the end of the day, I want to make sure my customers get a car or truck they really enjoy that will fit their needs exceptionally well.  And within their budget, too.  I keep in mind that long after they buy the car from me, they will deal with their decisions and choices and I want to do all I can to ensure they are comfortable and happy with their decisions.  I am lucky enough to work along side a group of professional sales personnel and management who all think that way as well.  I am very glad to be working for Toyota of Des Moines, as I believe we have the best products, priced competitively, and we stand behind that.  I am sure my father would be very glad to see me work for a company and a dealership that does it right the first time, with every bit of effort and no half-hearted attempts.  I know I am.

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