A Big Thank You From Steve Henigan at Toyota of Des Moines

Toyota of Des MoinesGet In The Loop!

Referrals = Rewards: Send me the first and last name of potential car shoppers you’ve met (with emails if possible)…if they buy from me directly, I send you $Money$!!!

I offer a $50.00 finders fee for anyone you refer to work with me for their vehicle purchase. Make sure the customers you send let me know that it was you who sent them (& they ask for me when they’re here). I will give them the same quality service that I have tried to afford you. I’d suggest getting my business card, writing your name on it, and passing it along to them so they remember my name. You can have as many as you like ;)

Now, here’s how you can double it…

Question of the Month:

What is the oldest vehicle in human history?

Call or email back with the answer -Or- to get the answer, and I’ll double your next referral this month just for a call to say Hi! (515-559-4222) If you guess the right answer, I’ll double your next TWO referrals!! ($100.00 ea.)** Many have won AND most have collected (four last month alone)…don’t miss out!

A Great Quote:

“A good sweat, with the blood punding through my body, makes me feel alive, revitalized. I gain a sense of mastery and assurance.  I feel good about myself.  Then I can feel good about others.”

-Arthur Dobrin

What’s New This Month:

It’s warm!!!  Finally some nice weather to get out side and do something fun.

Just celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary and I’m bellsed to have such an amazing wife.  She had me at hello ;)   We are finishing up the final week of my wife’s in-home daycare business.  I’m glad to be stepping away from this and Rachel is ready for the next step in her life.  She’ll be helping me out over the summer and spending some quality time with us (Really looking forward to that!) as well as working on lots of projects she has been waiting for free time to do.

Very excited to be heading to Hawaii next week for the STARS trip I earned through Toyota (I owe a big that you to all my past guests).  Going on a ATV waterfall ride which should be interesting and plan to do some snorkeling (never done that…but have been warned to watch your natural reflex to breath in immediately when you come back to the top :)    We are leaving next Sunday I’ll be back on the 24th should you need to contact me.

Discovered MySpace recently and having fun listening to old songs I have not heard for a long time, and my daughter has built me a Lego desktop organizer that is awesome!  That’s all I have for now….

I’m blessed to be around such great people in my life like yourself and thank you for reading my news letter!

Hope you are having a great May…as always keep in touch.

Contact Steve
Toyota-Scion of Des Moines
4475 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA  50310

message#  515-333-5682
txt#  515-559-4222
Fax# 515-276-8984

website:  toyotadm.com (it’s new!)

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