A Monthly ‘Thank You’ From Steve Henigan

Toyota of Des MoinesGet In The Loop!
Referral Rewards means: Send me names of potential car shoppers (emails preferred)…and if they buy from me directly, I send you $Money$!!!

I am offering you a $50.00 finders fee for any person you refer to me beforehand that purchases a vehicle.  Make sure the customers you send let me know that it was you who sent them (& they ask for me when they’re here).  I will give them the same quality service that I have tried to afford you.  Best way to do this is to get my business card, write your name on it, and pass it along to them (you can have as many as you like).

Now, here is how you can double it!!…

Question of the Month
What is the oldest vehicle in human history? (Creativity is welcomed but I’m looking for a specific response this time.)

Call or email back with the answer -Or- to get the answer (I’ll double your next referral this month just for a call to say Hi! (515-559-4222)

If you guess the right answer, I’ll double your next TWO referrals!! ($100.00ea.)** Many have won AND most have collected (four last month alone)…don’t miss out!

Answer to last month’s question
What year were there more cell phones in the United Kingdom than people?
2005 would be the year the scale tipped

A Great Quote
“Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.”
Albert Einstein

What’s New This Month
NO MORE SNOW!!  Holy Moly, Groundhog…you had your laugh.  Glad to see the weather warming up outside and getting that spring fever.

Performing with my band at Hull Ave. Tavern on the 13th if you’d like to join us (you are more than welcome to -:).

Emily’s new cat (Skimmers) is getting along well now.  Lovey doesn’t like getting beat up by a kitten but he does his best to keep his dignity by boasting that he is an outdoor cat and YOU have to stay inside.  Brings his kill to the doorstep to show off…crazy cat.

Got the official OK and we will be moving the dealership to 141 (68 service bays, three car washes, 4 quick lube station and over 20 acres of parking lot!)…should be great for everyone (customers and employees).  Plans say we’ll be there in August but the will do everything in their power to accelerate that to July if they can.  I’m excited to cut the commute down to a short bike ride :)   I can follow the old railroad tracks from near my house clear to the dealership….might have to make that walk in the summer.

My wife is amazing and I love her so.  Girls are getting big.  My oldest told me that when you have to go to the bathroom you make wiser decision….is this really true?!?!

Will be hitting my 7-year anniversary next month at the dealership and I really appreciate your contact over the years. I’m blessed to be around such great people in my life.  Hope you are having a great start to spring and thanks as always for staying in touch with me!!

Until the 70′s(which it will be soon!)…

Contact Steve
Toyota-Scion of Des Moines
4475 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA  50310

message#  515-333-5682
txt#  515-559-4222
Fax# 515-276-8984

website:  toyotadm.com (it’s new!)

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