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Question of the Month
This one’s for the holiday….How many calories does the average person burn with a one-minute kiss? Maybe the guy on that Super Bowl commercial will like this one ;)

Call or e-mail back with the answer -or- to get the answer and I’ll double your next referral this month just for a txt to me @ 515-559-4222!  If you guess it right, I’ll double your next TWO referral bonuses!! ($100.00)** Many have won AND collected (fourteen last month alone)…don’t miss out!

Answer to Last Month’s Question
According to statistics, what are the safest colors of cars?

Yellow and Bright Blue are the safest cars to drive statistically

A Great Quote
“Some people confuse acceptance with apathy, but there’s all the difference in the world.  Apathy fails to distinguish between what can and what cannot be helped; acceptance makes that distinction.  Apathy paralyzes the will-to-action; acceptance frees it by relieving it of impossible burdens.”

-Arthur Gordon

What’s New This Month
Praise to the groundhog…an early spring!!  I’m ready to get back outside and enjoy some sunshine.

Had a great time with my family watching the Super Bowl and it was a good game, too.  We were super lazy and just hung out and ate some pizza and wings. Something about a simple day with no worries that I really enjoy.

Ray Murphy was officially named our new GM and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.  He’s been one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked under and you should really see some positive changes in the dealership with him at the ‘helm’.

They have also approved plans to move us out to the big dealership out on 141 in Grimes.  Mitsubishi and KIA are going to take our building on Merle Hay Road.  This will double our space and allow us some much needed growing room.  ETA to move in is tentatively set for September.  I’m excited and our service customers should enjoy the expedited service abilities, too.

I’m playing in a band now (Midnight Matinee) and it is a lot of fun to get in front of people and perform again.  We finally have the songs down and working up new ones all the time.  Never imagined I’d enjoy playing the bass guitar but it has expanding my musical ability already and I’m excited to learn more.

In respect to Valentine’s Day, I’d like to mention that I love my wife and girls.  They are the center of my universe and bring a smile to my face whenever I’m around them.  Love you Rachel, Emily and Raea!!

That’s all I have for this short month and a lot to do before I turn 38 on the 1st….gotta run :) 
 Until we meet again, enjoy the ones you love and thanks again for being part of my monthly read!

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