Rob Bierma discusses the positives of sports in kids’ lives

rob-bierma-webAs a dad of young children, I believe in the power of sports to shape kids in a number of ways. Lifelong friends, lifelong habits and lifelong memories can all happen if you encourage interest in an active lifestyle.

We all hear the news about childhood obesity. Studies from the Mayo Clinic show that we can cut the risk of our kids being overweight by letting them walk and run in the back yard or on playgrounds as early as 2 years old. Dancing and playing catch are great activities for kids ages 4 to 6.

And by the time ages 7 to 10 roll around, team sports are a great way for kids to use and improve motor skills and their sense of safety.

But just as important is putting your children in social situations. They can learn teamwork, camaraderie, and of course the old adage that “it’s not whether you win or lose by how you play the game.” What a great rule for a child to learn!

How will you – or more importantly, how will your child – know which sports he or she wants to play? It’s up to us as parents to expose our children to as many of life’s opportunities as possible. Take them to an Iowa Energy basketball game, or to the I-Cubs, or a Des Moines Menace game. What they see may interest and excite them, and you will have started them on a great path to physical and social health.

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