Shane Siegle talks Grammy nominations, Carrie Underwood, surprises

Grammy nominations were announced this week (coincidentally, Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes were nominated, and we’re giving away tickets to their Wells Fargo Arena appearance on Friday, Dec. 14; click here for more), and every year, it’s an interesting snapshot of music of the moment.

The Album of the Year, which, according to Wikipedia honors “artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence,” is up for grabs among four bands who aren’t on a large record label and one who is. Does that say more about the “little guy’s” ability to dream big and make things happen?

Song of the Year, which asks that a song meet the same artistic and technical criteria as Album of the Year, includes “Call Me Maybe,” a repetitive pop song by Carly Rae Jepsen that makes tweens and teens go crazy and has become a hit on YouTube, but, let’s just say, probably hasn’t found its foothold with most of the musical elite. This one is a bit of a surprise, and maybe even a long shot.

Best New Artist is always a mixed bag of flashes in the pan, road-worn indie favorites suddenly on the mainstream radar, and some true new talent. Let’s see if Hunter Hayes, who opens for Carrie Underwood on Dec. 14 at Wells Fargo, can capitalize on his CMA Best New Artist win.

The Record of the Year, not to be confused with “album” (the whole thing), is the song (not to be confused with “song,” which is given to the songwriter) that is honored mostly for its production, engineering and mixing. All respect to nominee Taylor Swift, but if the award were based on lyrics, “We-EEEE are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together” might be a hard sell to the Academy.

Who are your favorites? Check out the whole list of nominees here. Be one of the first 10 to e-mail your thoughts to, and we’ll tell you how you can claim a $15 iTunes gift card! Thanks for reading!

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One Response to Shane Siegle talks Grammy nominations, Carrie Underwood, surprises

  1. Mitch Henry says:

    Excellent review of the country music seen. I have been listening a lot to 97.3 the Hawk in the last two weeks. It’s unfortunate not a lot of play time is spent on classic country music. If your a 50+ country singer their is very little opportunity.

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