A Monthly ‘Thank You’ From Steve Henigan

Question of the Month
What was Elvis Presley’s pet monkey’s name?

Call or email back with the answer -or- to get the answer and I’ll double your next referral this month just for texting me at 515-559-4222!  If you guess it right, I’ll double your next TWO referral bonuses!! ($100.00)** Many have won AND collected (two last month)…don’t miss out!


Get In The Loop! Ask me about “Reward Incentives”
I am offering you a $50.00 finders fee for any person you refer to me that purchases a vehicle.  Make sure the customers you send let me know that you were the one who sent them to me and that they ask for me when they arrive.  I will give them the same quality service that I have tried to afford you. Thanks in advance!!


A Great Quote
“Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.”

-Samuel Butler


What’s New This Month
Halloween is over and I didn’t throw one egg and did not get one thrown at me. That’s a plus! In addition I have enough candy in my house to live on for the next 6 months worth of calories I think.  If you’d like some, I’d be MORE than happy to donate ;)

T’was a great month with calm weather but time to break out the winter gear I’m thinkin’.  My friends in Nebraska have been posting complaints about snow on FB, so it’s just a matter of time now.

My heart goes out to those suffering from the super storm “Sandy” and I’m glad Toyota decided to donate $1 million to help out.  Hope everyone else follows suit. Saw one guy suggest that the politicians take their campaign money and donate it to the cause instead of sending us all this crap in the media and mail.

Holy smokes! I’ve never seen so much junk mail telling me it’s time to vote.  Stop wasting all the trees!!  Did you forget I’ll vote for the person that is the most green minded?!?  I have a smartphone, radio and TV (not to mention the 3-5 phone calls a day I get from ya’ll)…I get it! And I plan to vote!!!

OK, I’m done….had to get that out.

I’m going to my sister’s this month for Thanksgiving and I’m very excited about that. We don’t get together as much anymore and I miss ’em.  Should be a fun couple of days!!

Thanks for allowing me to be part of your monthly read and touch base again for Santa’s month!


Contact Steve
I’m available Tue 9am-5pm, Wed-Thu 12 noon-8pm, & Fri-Sat 9am-6pm

Toyota–Scion of Des Moines
4475 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA  50310

message#  515-333-5682
txt#  515-559-4222
Fax# 515-276-8984

website: toyotadm.com

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