Shane Siegle appreciates bands who give back

Corey Taylor’s hard-rock band, Stone Sour, announced a concert in Taylor’s hometown, right here in Des Moines, for last Sunday at the East Village’s new venue Wooly’s for just $5. The show sold out immediately, so the band announced a second show for last Monday, same venue, same price… same result: an immediate sell-out.

Some folks are fans of hard rock, others aren’t. The same holds true for any genre of music, from punk to rap to country to classical.

But one thing that’s hard to dislike is such loyalty to your hometown.

Stone Sour is promoting its latest album, and for a band that has toured the world, been featured on movie soundtracks, and has an incredibly globally famous offspring in the band Slipknot, it would be easy for a band to forget its roots. Not Stone Sour, and not Corey Taylor.

For a band to give back to its original fanbase by essentially saying, “We’re giving you the entertainment we’ve always given you, and that we’ve given the world, and we’re doing it at a price that says we appreciate you and want you there” is admirable.

At times, the music industry is considered a machine, and the musicians are not the ones in charge of how the machine runs. In this case, it looks like Taylor and Stone Sour are taking the influence they’ve earned and are giving back to the people who support music the most.

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One Response to Shane Siegle appreciates bands who give back

  1. Deb Henry says:

    Gotta love our local bands and how many of them still love Des Moines no matter how successful they are. Maybe we just raise our kids right with good old fashioned Iowa values.

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