A Monthly ‘Thank You’ From Steve Henigan

Question of the Month
How long does it take for a vehicle air bag to fully inflate?

Call or email back with the answer -or- to get the answer and I’ll double your next referral this month just for texting me at 515-559-4222!  If you guess it right, I’ll double your next TWO referral bonuses!! ($100.00)** Many have won AND collected (fourteen last month alone)…don’t miss out!

Answer to last month’s question
Why were schoolhouses traditionally painted red?

It was the cheapest color available (basically white paint mixed with iron oxide (a.k.a. rust).


Get In The Loop! Ask me about “Reward Incentives”:
I am offering you a $50.00 finders fee for any person you refer to me that purchases a vehicle.  Make sure the customers you send let me know that you were the one who sent them to me and that they ask for me when they arrive.  I will give them the same quality service that I have tried to afford you. Thanks in advance!!


A Great Quote
“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice.  But for those who love, time is not!”

-Henry van Dyke

What’s New This Month
A new personal best month in August…thank you all so much for your business! Never imagined to reach this level of success at my job and I’m proud to have met such great people along the way.  Hope this is a promising sign that our economy is one the mend!

My daughters are back to school and we are back to square one trying to get them ‘motivated’ in the AM to want to be on time to school. :)

Went to Niobrara, NE for the holiday weekend (thus the late newsletter :)  Had a great time….had a fire ban out there but the ‘Blue Moon’ made up for that ;)  We floated the river there (Highly recommended!).  They have sand bars everywhere that you can stop and camp out on and the swimming is great!

When we returned home we had discovered that the cat (Lovey) had gotten into my daughter’s room (Raea) and knocked over the mouse cage that had three mice in it. They were all gone and, as you can imagine, she was really upset :(  Found one (or part of one that is) shortly later so we had to deal with her first experience of death…not fun.  Luckily we did find and catch that other two!  That helped her mood quite a bit (pending one funeral this evening).

Got to spend time with an old friend I a couple weeks ago and that was nice.  Saw a picture of his first born (last I saw this kid he was two feet tall).  Now this guy is graduating high school and 6′ 5″?!?!  Man that makes feel the age…LOL!

Anyway….Thank you for allowing me to be part of your monthly read and staying in touch!   We’ll talk again next month!!


Contact Steve
I’m available Tue 9am-5pm, Wed-Thu 12 noon-8pm, & Fri-Sat 9am-6pm

Toyota–Scion of Des Moines
4475 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA  50310

message#  515-333-5682
txt#  515-559-4222
Fax# 515-276-8984

website: toyotadm.com

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