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A Monthly ‘Thank You’ From Steve Henigan

Question of the Month #181 What size shoe did Bozo the Clown wear? (Hint it’s bigger than you’d expect by far.) Call or email back with (or for) the answer.  If you guess it right, I’ll double your next referral … Continue reading

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Zack Sayles’ zombie invasion survival guide

Zombie Invasion! Survival checklist: flashlight, radio, first aid kit, and Zombie Burger? I’ve spent many sleepless nights planning for the perfect zombie takeover. The ultimate goal of course is not to become a zombie to early in the game. Just … Continue reading

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Tom Hugley, Internet Sales Manager, talks cars and music

Tom Hugley, Internet Sales Manager at Toyota of Des Moines, may be a walking musical encyclopedia. On camera, Hugley easily rattles off bands and artists of whom he is a fan, including “the Bellamy Brothers, Buddy Holly and the Crickets” … Continue reading

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