Toyota Land Cruiser is the Most Stable SUV Around

Toyota Land Cruiser is known as one of the most power-packed SUVs around. Whether you consider looks, fuel efficiency (a rare trait among top tier SUVs) or simply raw power, the Land Cruiser can take on any SUV out there and prove its supremacy hands down. There is a reason the vehicle is called the “Mother of all SUVs” after all.

However, even that is not all there is to this amazing car. Did you know that Toyota LC is also one of the most stable SUVs out there in terms of performance, and can be used to pull off some insane stunts? Take this video for instance, in which a stunt driver literally drove the LC on two wheels. One word of caution though. The stunt was performed by a trained professional, and unless you are a stunt driver yourself, then do NOT attempt to perform the stunt! We do not want any of our loyal customers to have an accident, although they would still remain safe thanks to the STAR Safety System of the LC.

However, if you do want to buy a new SUV, then look no further than the Toyota Land Cruiser. Get in touch with Toyota of Des Moines today, in order to ride out in style before the New Year!

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